New words – 6 August 2012

showroom verb to examine and research a product in a shop before buying it more cheaply online

The showrooming trend might sound like a retailer’s worst nightmare, requiring not only that the retailer offers the best showroom experience, but also offers the best value (price, conditions and service) […]

[ 5 Jan 2012]

thrifter noun a person who shops only at discount stores and thrift shops selling secondhand goods

New ‘resale’ shops have been booming. […] Hard times have brought in hordes of new ‘thrifters’ – one in six adults now shops at the stores.

[AARP Bulletin (monthly over-50s newspaper) Jan. 2012]

tycoon tax noun a minimum rate of tax for millionaires

A new “tycoon tax” will force wealthy people to hand over at least a quarter of their income to the Treasury, after George Osborne abolished excessive use of tax reliefs.

[ 21 March 2012]

woopies plural noun informal well-off older people

Ten years ago the new breed of telescopes cost around £700 and the first users of this new wave of instruments tended to be retired men and women – ‘woopies’ or well-off old people.

[The Observer (UK broadsheet) 22 Jan 2012]

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  1. Harry

    The problem with “woopies” is that we already have “whoopee” and “making whoopee.” How about ROF’s, for Rich Old Folks?

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