New words – 30 July 2012

haptic adjective describes technologies, for instance in computer gaming, that give the sensation of touch

Speculation is mounting ahead of Apple’s iPad announcement later on Wednesday that it will include some sort of haptic technology – thinking which has been driven by the including of the words ‘And touch’ in its invitation.

[ 7 March 2012]

pass-agg adjective passive-aggressive

[…] plus the bleating about tit-tape, fake tans, frock alteration and pass-agg standoffs over GHD straighteners can be most wearing indeed.

[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 2 March 2012]

sleep concierge noun a hotel concierge who helps guests who are finding it difficult to sleep

In Midtown Manhattan, the Benjamin hotel employs a sleep concierge, on call to help guests choose from 12 free sleep-friendly pillows, as well as field requests for sleep aids like massages and midnight snacks.

[New York Times (US broadsheet) 18 March 2012]

Tebowing noun a craze inspired by the American football player Tim Tebow which involves striking the pose of a thinker (as in Rodin’s sculpture) in unusual places

The Internet responded to Tebow media-mania after ‘Tebowing’ became globally recognized as an American football meme.

[ 14 Jan 2012]

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  1. Harry

    While your description of the “tebowing” pose is quite accurate, I doubt that Tim Tebow himself had Rodin in mind. An energetically devout Christian. Tebow kneels in prayer each time his team makes a score.

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