New words – 11 June 2012

bahahaha exclamation used to denote laughing on social networking websites

bahahaha i like the teacher story

[ 25 Jan 2012]

idiocracy noun rule, government or control exercised by foolish people

This is what happens when you move from being a technological leader in the world to becoming an idiocracy. Your infrastructure starts to crumble and you just run behind the problems.

[Natural History (US nature and science magazine) Jan. 2012]

neuromarketing noun the use of equipment that measures brain impulses to assess how people respond to products

Gemma Calvert, a former Oxford University neurologist […] said neuromarketing has ‘completely changed our understanding of the brain’ and is now so advanced that she is ‘able to predict how customers will behave’.

[The Observer (UK broadsheet) 15 Jan 2012]

pink slime noun a beef product made from offcuts of meat which is heated and spun in a centrifuge before being treated with ammonium hydroxide gas to kill any bacteria

A US company that makes a beef product often referred to as ‘pink slime’ is suspending production at three of four plants amid concern about the product.

[ 26 March 2012]

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  1. Harry

    “Pink slime” is a classic case of argument by innuendo. Far from a synthetic additive, the product is 100% low-fat beef (it’s swirled in a centrifuge to expel fat), and has been part of ground beef, sausages, and other processed meats for years, with no known negative effects. It’s all about processors trying to get the most out of each carcass. Consumers may be offended by learning (literally) how sausages are made, but they will continue to buy sausages.

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