New words – 4 June 2012

biomimicry noun the imitation of naturally occurring phenomena for use in products, technology, etc.

The innovative glue is just one example of how the burgeoning field of biomimicry is benefitting the health of humans and the planet.

[ 4 Jan 2012]

Biomimicry explores patterns found in the diversity of nature as the inspiration for technology and inventions that benefit people.

[ 3 Jan 2012]

elastic electronics plural noun electronic circuits on a tissue-thin film, which will stick to organic tissue and can bend and stretch with the body

He hopes elastic electronics will open the door to a range of what he calls ‘bio-integrated’ medical devices.

[Natural History (US nature and science magazine) Feb. 2012]

holopresence noun a proposed new technology, used for instance for teleconferencing, that uses very high quality images and sound to give the impression that people are in the same room, or to give the impression that someone is in a different place

And Google’s executive chairman used a keynote speech to argue that technology would enable a fairer world – he said that superfast broadband would enable a new future of ‘holopresence’ where we could visit carnivals and concerts from our own homes.

[ 1 March 2012]

synthetic biology noun the creation of living forms, for example viruses; an emerging science

The Woodrow Wilson Centre, in Washington, US, warns that there is no way of monitoring labs tinkering with ‘synthetic biology’ to ensure that anything created is safe.

[ 8 Feb 2012]

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