New words – 21 May 2012

newsgame noun a political game based on a situation in the news and distributed free online

The idea of developing online interactive apps was also partly inspired by the burgeoning concept of the newsgame […]
[The Observer (UK broadsheet) 2 Oct 2011]

platform game noun a computer game that involves moving a character across suspended platforms

A vertical-jumping platform game, starring a sleepy Raccoon whose forest is being destroyed by robots.
[ 21 Nov 2011]

platformer noun a platform game

Rayman Origins is a gorgeous, delightful and challenging platformer for all ages.
[ 2 Dec 2011]

Terry Cavanagh’s gravity-bending platformer VVVVVV will be coming to Nintendo’s 3D handheld, thanks to a recent publishing deal with Nicalis.
[ 6 Oct 2011]

platforming noun the activity of playing platform games

Frequent and forgiving checkpoints make each dastardly platforming challenge a one-time-only affair, but I’m still certain I wound up with a few gray hairs after my harrowing journey through VVVVVV.
[ 6 Dec 2011]

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