New words – 28 May 2012

babymoon noun a vacation taken by a couple who are expecting their first child

We went to Italy and to Hawaii – we had our honeymoon and our babymoon.

[Heard in conversation (woman in her early thirties) 18 March 2012]

doga noun yoga for dogs

If you love yoga and you love dogs, then you’ll be over the moon about Doga.

[ 10 Feb 2012]

sonic logo noun a very short piece of music or group of notes that represent a company or product

How do you cull it down so that it reminds you of the long form? That’s really the essence of the sonic logos.

[WWNYC: Soundcheck (music) 3 March 2012]

tricorder noun a handheld device for diagnosing diseases and storing data about them

Made famous by Dr McCoy in the Star Trek series, the handheld tricorder could help detect diseases.

[ 13 Jan 2012]

Prof Jeremy Nicholson, head of the department of surgery and cancer at Imperial College London, told the BBC there are already medical devices which detect chemical signs of illness to assist diagnosis. However, he warned that bringing this technology together into one tricorder-sized piece of equipment would be a very daunting challenge.

[ 12 Jan 2012]

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