New words – 7 May 2012

mangle noun informal a bangle designed for men

Or you could go chinoiserie with a Thomas Sabo dragon mangle.
[GQ (UK men’s magazine) Nov 2011]

manimoney noun informal alimony paid to a man

In recent years there have been a number of high-profile cases of manimony payments. Last week, Katie Price’s complicated love life was placed, once again, in the spotlight following reports she had been landed with maintenance pay-outs for both her ex-husbands, Peter Andre and Alex Reid.
[ 25 Nov 2011]

mood tracking noun the practice of tracking the mood of the public using sentiment analysis

Researchers have been exploring this area for some time and applying mood tracking in all sorts of ways.
[WNYC: On the Media (Media news radio program) 11 Nov 2011]

sentiment analysis noun the use of computer algorithms to examine phrasing, grammar, etc., of natural language in large quantities of social media text to detect sentiment and mood and predict public feeling in public health, public policy, socio-economic phenonmena

The CIA didn’t invent the use of sentiment analysis.
[WNYC: On the Media (media news radio program) 11 Nov 2011]

Sentiment analysis reveals how the world is feeling
[WNYC: On the Media (Segment title; media news) 11 Nov 2011]

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  1. “Mangle” has such a strong and negative meaning (“twist, distort, cripple, rend unable to do ordinary work”) that I see no point in adding another meaning.

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