New words – 30 April 2012

ghost bike noun a bicycle that has been painted white and left as a memorial at the scene of a cyclist’s death

Commemorating Min Joo Lee, a 24-year-old fashion student killed last month while cycling through King’s Cross, it is one of the latest examples in the fast-growing global phenomenon of ‘ghost bikes’.
[ 10 Nov 2011]

There is a ghost bike memorial at a junction close to where I live and which I pass most days on my bike. If alongside being a memorial the ghost bike also marks a place for cyclists to take extra care, I am not convinced that it works.
[ 21 Nov 2011]

global weirding noun informal extreme and unpredictable weather phenomena, giving credence to the theory of global warming

NASA reports a new twist in global weirding – massively increased rainfall over land this year has resulted in an unexpected (and unprecedented) temporary result […]
[ 3 Oct 2011]

man camp noun a temporary housing development for men working in the oil extraction industry and related businesses

In recent weeks, Williams County, […] and Mountrail County, […], imposed moratoriums on man camp development.
[New York Times (US broadsheet) 26 Nov 2011]

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  1. Dan

    Hi, heres a word that I keep hearing people use:

    Utule noun An exceptionally useful tool, often with multiple practical purposes.

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