New words – 16 April 2012

the new normal noun a situation that had been considered unusual but now seems to be the way things are

Financial crisis has world teetering on the brink – welcome to the new normal
[ 4 Oct 2011]

twisticuffs plural noun humorous an argument conducted on Twitter

No FBUI – Facebooking under the influence; Avoid ‘Twisticuffs’ (online arguments); Be clever on social media vs. being controversial.
[ 14 Nov 2011]

zombie account noun a savings account that pays negligible interest

Some 20 percent of savings accounts on the market are ‘zombie accounts’ which pay pitiful interests rates of less than 0.1 percent, according to Jane Platt, chief executive of National Savings & Insurance.
[ 24 Nov 2011]

zombie debtor noun a person with a debt that they do not have a hope of paying off because the interest on it is so high

Rise of the zombie debtor as 3.5m consider turning to payday loans
[ 7 Dec 2011]

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  1. “The new normal” has been in common use in New York, at least, since the 9/11 attacks, referring to the enhanced security and latent paranoia that day inspired. Applying the term to the financial crisis is a natural extension.

    Also, you overlooked “zombie bank,” meaning “a bank that is technically insolvent but continues to operate thanks to government intervention.” A quick Google search yields citations from National Public Radio and the Guardian.

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