New words – 9 April 2012

automagically adverb independently, without effort and as if by magic

[He explained] how to automagically solve the problem of having millions of rows of data, and not knowing how to find the 15 valuable rows […]
[ Mar 2012]

global weirding noun informal extreme and unpredictable weather phenomena, giving credence to the theory of global warming

NASA reports a new twist in global weirding – massively increased rainfall over land this year has resulted in an unexpected (and unprecedented) temporary result […]
[ 3 Oct 2011]

JAAC abbreviation slang an acronym that stands for ‘just another Android cellphone’

At first glance, the Rhyme looks like JAAC (just another Android cellphone).
[New York Times (US broadsheet) 29 Dec 2011]

job flipping noun the changing of careers during a lifetime

Now that the retirement age is set to rise even higher […] the trend for ‘job flipping’ is set to become the norm.
[Marie Claire (UK fashion magazine) Nov. 2011]

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