New words – 8 August 2011

biosynergy noun the theory that the various parts of a fruit or vegetable, when consumed together, provide greater nutritional benefits than those conferred by eating merely the flesh

Now we come to something a little more contentious: today’s buzzword is biosynergy, the theory that each part of a fruit or vegetable combines with the other parts to reinforce its nutritional benefits.
[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 1 January 2011]

donorless adjective describes blood products that are manufactured artificially rather than being donated directly by people

Scientists have produced blood platelets from human embryonic stem cells and have shown for the first time that these ‘donor-less’ platelets can repair damaged tissues in laboratory mice.
[The Independent (UK broadsheet) 12 January 2011]

breathprint noun the different smells on a person’s breath (not always detectable by the human nose) that may signify serious illness, for example, cancer

Those chemicals are generated within the body by our normal metabolic processes, and when those go wrong, as they do when we are ill, our breath profile – or ‘breathprint’ – changes.
[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 1 February 2011]

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