New words – 1 August 2011

in-app adjective refers to services and features (e.g. purchasing, advertising) available from within an application

Because they don’t get access to information about who is buying via Apple’s in-app purchasing, they simply can’t offer the same deal through Apple’s system.
[ 18.02.2011]

ransomware noun malware that demands that you make a payment to switch it off

We recently encountered some newly created domains that were used to serve ransomware with characteristics quite consistent with the previously reported attack.
[ 25.01.11]

Googleganger noun someone who shares your name and so crops up when you Google yourself

It’s highly unlikely you will ever meet your Googleganger. But if you ever do, at least you will have something to discuss.
[ 14.01.11]

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  1. Harry

    I would amend “in-app” to note that “app” is used exclusively to refer to programs written for smart phones or tablet computers (like I-phones and I-pads). Desktop and laptop computers still run “applications.”

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