New words – 30 May 2011

pump-up party noun an illicit party at which people inject black-market fillers in their buttocks, lips, etc. in order to pump them up

Here, Grazia uncovers a worrying new trend for underground ‘pump-up parties’ where women are risking their lives injecting black-market fillers. [Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 21 March 2011]

quintastic noun informal a very glamorous and youthful (usually celebrity) fifty-year old

The increasingly glamorous image of 50-year-olds has even spawned a new term, the ‘Quintastics’ – thanks, in part, to the visibility of a number of high-profile celebrities who met the event with undiminished glamour in the past year […] [The Observer Magazine (UK broadsheet) 23 January 2011]

vampire face-lift noun a cosmetic procedure involving an injection of platelets from your own blood to encourage collagen production

He calls the procedure a “vampire face-lift” on one of his Web sites, though with some squeamishness about its sensationalism. [New York Times (US broadsheet( 3 March 2011]

vampire filler noun a product using platelets from a person’s blood, used for cosmetic procedures to encourage collagen production and smooth wrinkles

Now a cosmetic treatment to fill in wrinkles or to plump up hollow cheeks is being marketed as a ‘vampire filler’ or a ‘vampire face-lift.’ [New York Times (US broadsheet) 3 March 2011]

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