New words – 4 April 2011

brown adjective denotes energy from polluting sources

To move from brown to green, from reliance on finite fossil fuels and nuclear to an unlimited supply of 100 per cent renewable energy […]

[ 28 Oct 2010]

edupreneur noun someone working as an entrepreneur in an area of education

Switching sides: prominent educationists now working as ‘edupreneurs’. [The Guardian (UK broadsheet, headline) 26 Oct 2010]

haptic feedback noun sensory feedback, for example, vibrations given from electronic devices, to signal that something has happened

Is this the – what was it – haptic feedback you were talking about? [Heard in conversation 23 Dec 2010]

Types of haptic feedback provide a product’s user with sensations that tell him or her how it’s working. [Harris, William. “How Haptic Technology Works”. <; 30 Jun 2008]

not all that idiom informal not particularly good or attractive

Wondering if there’s more to life than your career? Suddenly thinking being the boss isn’t all that? [Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 29 Nov 2010]

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2 thoughts on “New words – 4 April 2011

  1. Harry

    Oy vey! “Brown” as opposed to “green”? As any art student will tell you, brown is not a color. In matters of energy, surely “black,” “grey,” or “dirty” would be the favored antonym for “green.”

    I can affirm that “edupreneur” is catching on in the US, mostly in the context of “charter schools,” which are funded by taxpayers but administered by private boards. They are the subject of much political debate.

    “Haptic” is a total novelty. I want to read it as “hepatic,” meaning related to the liver. Cambridge is a lovely city; I’ve enjoyed my visits because they reminded me of my undergraduate years in a bucolic academic community. But like most university towns around the world, it tends to be a world of its own.

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