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New words – 21 July 2014

July 21, 2014


crep noun slang (teenage slang for) a shoe

I’m going to get some fresh creps.

[Heard in conversation 04 January 2014]



de-shopping noun the practice of buying something, usually a garment, and then returning it to the shop after one use only

‘Showrooming’ and ‘de-shopping’ are nothing to be proud of – or laugh about. High-street shops of all sizes are fragile. We will miss them if they go.

[ 07 January 2014]

size inflation noun the increase in the size of clothing sizes

Larger mannequins are being introduced into clothes shops and ‘size inflation’ means that clothes with the same size label have become larger in recent decades.

[ 27 March 2014]

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New words – 14 July 2014

July 14, 2014


tech neck noun informal wrinkles in the neck area caused by looking down at phones, tablets, etc.

Word of the week: tech neck. [Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 03 March 2014]

Experts in non-surgical facelifts say tilting your head down to use phones, iPads and computers can leave wrinkles on your throat and neck, a condition being called ‘tech neck.’

[ 27 February 2014]

buffalo hump noun a fatty build-up at the back of the neck, usually caused by weight gain, but exacerbated by poor posture

A spokesperson for, who carried out the research, said: ‘Buffalo humps can be an unusual side effect of certain medications, but more often they appear over time, through obesity. Poor posture doesn’t help either, making it more noticeable.

[ 08 January 2014]

sitting disease noun health problems caused by too much sitting

Sitting too much, sometimes called sitting disease, may increase the risk of disability in people over age 60, a new study suggests.

[ 19 February 2014]

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New words – 7 July 2014

July 7, 2014


acro-yoga noun a combination of acrobatics and yoga

Local yoga instructors are seeing a growth in interest in acro-yoga, a partner-based form of yoga that incorporates acrobatic aspects with typical yoga poses.

[ 28 January 2014]






slopestyle noun a new winter sports event in which the object is to perform a variety of tricks while jumping as high as possible on a snowboard

‘Wow! I just won the Olympics’: American Sage Kotsenburg wins first Sochi gold medal in Men’s Slopestyle with ‘Holy Crail’ move.

[ 08 January 2014]

fridge kid noun informal a young British winter Olympic hopeful who trains in a snow dome as opposed to a mountain

Winter Olympics 2014: ‘Fridge Kids’ aim to scale new peaks for British team

[ 09 February 2014]

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New words – 30 June 2014

June 30, 2014


skinny pig noun a small, hairless, laboratory-created animal, similar to a guinea pig

They are small, hairless and have been taking the country by storm… meet the skinny pig. The bald creatures are just a few inches long and can easily fit in the palm of your hand standing them out from the larger and more common guinea pigs.

[ 13.02.14]

super-rat noun a new strain of poison-resistant rat

Home owners living in flooded areas are facing infestations of super rats.

[ 07.01.14]

bunny chow noun a South African dish of curry served in a hollowed out loaf

Many people will not have heard of bunny chow. But after years on the other side of the world, it is now in Britain, found at a small number of restaurants and street food vendors.

[ 20.01.14]

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New words – 23 June 2014

June 23, 2014


cyber hijack noun a hijack controlled remotely with the use of electronic devices

Is missing Malaysian jet the world’s first CYBER HIJACK? Chilling new theory claims hackers could use a mobile phone to take over the controls

[ 16 March 2014]



creeping noun informal

secretly viewing online information about someone

A massive 75 per cent of us keep our exes as ‘friends’, allowing us to rifle through photographs and wall posts and friend lists at will. Today’s youth call this ‘creeping’.

[Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 03 March 2014]

the Internet of things idiom appliances and devices such as refrigerators, thermostats, TVs, speakers, etc., that connect wirelessly to the Internet to receive instructions from users and send information on use to the manufacturer and which can be compromised by hackers

But the dark side of the Internet of Things is that these devices might be hacked and turned into ‘ThingBots,’ which can be used to drown sites in Web traffic as part of large-scale cyberattacks

[NPR: All Tech Considered (US technology news) 17 January 2014]

The security firm Proofpoint Inc. reports it has uncovered one of the first Internet of Things cyberattacks.

[NPR: All Tech Considered (US technology news) 16 January 2014]

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New words – 16 June 2014

June 16, 2014


NekNominate noun an internet craze in which someone films themselves ‘necking’ a large quantity of alcohol in a dangerous setting and posts it online. At the end of the video they nominate a friend to perform their own ‘necking’ stunt.

The aim of the game, dubbed Neknomination, is to complete a drinking dare and then nominate someone to do the same by posting a video of it on the internet.

[ 03 February 2014]

Hundreds of people are now dying each year because of accidental alcohol poisoning and experts have warned that the lethal internet drinking craze NekNominate will make it worse

[ 19 February 2014]

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DM verb informal to send someone a direct message via Twitter

He DMs him all the time.

[Radio 1 27 February 2014]

friendvertising noun the use of social media website ‘friends’ to disseminate video adverts for products. Some videos have an apparently good message that people want to share and others are heart-warming or funny, but all are covert brand endorsements.

Is your friend an unpaid branding enthusiast? ‘Friendvertising’ is the latest trick by marketers who want you to sell their brand

[ 13 January 2013]


New words – 2 June 2014

June 2, 2014


shop and frisk idiom an occasion when a shopper who just make a high-cost purchase is stopped and questioned by a police officer

That discomfort and the fear of what has been called ‘stop and frisk’ sometimes keeps [fashion writer Clair] Somers at home, where she says she can always shop online.

[NPR: All Things Considered (US news and public affairs) 30 October 2013]

Jay Z, Barney’s, and the Shop-and-Frisk Problem

[New Yorker Blog: Currency (US business news, headline) 16 December 2013]

social supermarket noun a supermarket intended for people living in poverty where cut-price food is sold. The food is cheap because it has damaged packaging or incorrect labelling.

Britain’s first ‘social supermarket’ opens its doors on Monday, offering shoppers on the verge of food poverty the chance to buy food and drink for up to 70 percent less than normal high-street prices

[ 09 December 2013]

olinguito noun a newly discovered mammal dwelling in the cloud forests of Colombia and Ecuador. It is in the same family as the raccoon.

The newfound baby olinguito, discovered by members of the conservation group SavingSpecies, is about the size of a kitten, so small that it can be grasped in one hand.

[ 29 December 2013]


New words – 26 May 2014

May 26, 2014


ecorithm noun an algorithm that interacts with the environment

Dr. Valiant proposes that natural selection is supplemented by ecorithms, which enable organisms to learn and adapt more efficiently.


[New York Times (US broadsheet) 01 October 2013]

electroceutical noun electrical stimulation used to provide pain relief

They see a chest of medical devices: ‘smart stents’ that report on how well an artery is healing; a pump that titrates medicine into hard-to-reach tissue; ‘electoceuticals’ that fight pain with electrical pulses rather than drugs.

[Smithsonian (US culture and science magazine) Dec. 2013]

nanomembrane noun an exceedingly thin, or nano sized, sheet of a material such as silicone

The discovery allowed him to implant silicon ‘nanomembranes’ just about anywhere: plastics and rubber, for his tattoo-like electronics, and silk, for the dissolvable ones.

[Smithsonian (US culture and science magazine) Dec. 2013]


New words – 19 May 2014

May 19, 2014


CPT abbreviation celebrity party tongue; the current craze for celebrities to be photographed sticking out their tongues

If 2012 was the year of the Insta-pout, 2013 is the year of the CPT.

[Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 21 October 2013]

The CPT or the celebrity party tongue is the new selfie. Mylie, Cara and even Alexa think its (sic) fun to slap out their tongue when they get papped.

[ Oct 2013]

concierge medicine noun a sector of medical practice where extra attention is given to wealthy patients able to pay a high price

Members of the affluent classes routinely question the merits of doctors who do take insurance. [...] This psychology, along with cost-cutting strategies pursued by insurance companies [...] have driven the field of concierge medicine.

[New york Times (US broadsheet) 08 December 2013]

earthscraper noun a pyramid-shaped multi-storey building which is constructed underground, with its ‘roof’ at ground level

Since laws limit the height of new structures in Mexico City, an architect has proposed building a 65-story Earthscraper.

[Smithsonian (US culture and science magazine) Dec. 2013]


New words – 12 May 2014

May 12, 2014


transient electronics noun electronic circuits that dissolve or decompose when they are no longer needed or in use

The money for Rogers’ transient electronics work comes mainly from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), a Department of Defense unit that funds some of the wildest ideas in science.

[Smithsonian (US culture and science magazine) Dec. 2013]

the sharing economy noun an economy driven by peer-to-peer lending and other such initiatives, often enabled by the Internet

You’ve most likely seen news stories about the ‘sharing economy,’ with seemingly every blogger and op-ed columnist offering a take on its significance.

[ 07 October 2013]

trolleyology noun the examination of the philosophical problem that requires a choice that one person be sacrificed in order to save several people

After several decades maturing in university philosophy departments, trolleyology has burst into the public eye with two new books coming out at once.

[New York Times Book Review (US weekly book review) 24 November 2013]


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