New words – 26 January 2015


micro pig noun an extremely small pig, bred to be a pet

Micro pigs have become popular pets recently, with famous owners including Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton and Olympic diver, Tom Daley.

[ 13 September 2014]



pet-nup noun a pre-nuptial agreement about who will have care of a pet in the event of a marriage ending

Instead of a prenuptial agreement, or ‘pre-nup’, the animal charity Blue Cross has devised a so-called ‘pet-nup’ which clearly states who will get ownership of a pet should a couple split up.

[ 26 September 2014]

put a bird on it idiom to embellish something

Finding your Batgirl story a little dark, a little gloomy, a little horribly tragic? Put a bird on it! That’s right, we’re getting a modern-girl revamp with selfies and fixies.

[ (tech) 10 July 2014]

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  1. emel

    People don’t like hyphens any more, it seems. I would have been tempted to hyphenate “micro pig”, as in “micro-pig”.

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