New words – 20 January 2014

carbicide noun humorous the act of eating too many carbs

Newsflash! Cheryl Cole commits carbicide just like we do: ‘I allow myself one cheat day and love cupcakes, doughnuts… basically anything that’s really bad for you’, star says.

[ 11 Sept 2013]

Pre-event day was filled with preparations and last minute shopping (I ran out of chamois balm) as well as the essential carb-loading (lots of rice, I’m guilty of carbicide!).

[ 05 Sept 2013]

fatberg noun a huge lump of cooking fat mixed with other non-food waste, discovered in the sewers of London

He warned of the dangers of ‘fatbergs,’ saying that Thames Water was trying to spread the message of ‘bin it and don’t block it’.

[ 06 Aug 2013]

haloodie noun informal a foodie who only eats halal food

Welcome to the world of the haloodie.

[The Guardian (UK broadsheet: headline) 28 Sept 2013]

slam nom verb slang to eat something quickly and greedily

They’re gonna make sure we don’t get in to a whole righting the Wright wrong ‘who invented flying’ situation again where you let some brothers gang up on a guy because his name is ‘Dick’ Pearse. Most likely, they’ll be the people who slam nom the most BurgerFuel over the next few weeks.

[ 04 July 2013]

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