New words – 9 December 2013

flipped learning noun a form of education in which students learn the content of a subject at home and the subsequent class is used for practice and discussion

A growing number of teachers are implementing what is known as ‘flipped learning,’ in which students learn lessons as homework, mostly through online videos produced by teachers, and use classroom time to practice what they learned.

[ 16 April 2013]

impression management noun the process of controlling how other people see you

In a study of language on Twitter […] older people ‘have a higher usage of links and hashtags, which can be associated with information sharing and impression management.’

[New York Times (US broadsheet) 16 April 2013]

multigen adjective including people of several different age groups; multi-generational

Strong indications show that multigen living is on the rise. [AARP Bulletin (US over-50s magazine) April 2013]

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  2. Harry Matthews

    “Flipped learning” (or self-discovery or whatever you call it) is far from a new idea. When I was in secondary school, in the early ’60s, II took an experimental math course that required us to infer the rules of geometry from our own experiments. In short, it is a proven method, which is poorly undersrtood and rarely used.

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