New words – 25 November 2013

Poshitis noun informal back pain as a result of carrying a big bag fashionably, in the crook of the arm

Cheryl Cole, Mollie King and Millie Mackintosh are also at risk of ‘Poshitis’ if they continue to carry their designer handbags like that.

[ 04 June 2013]

The syndrome? ‘Poshitis.’ And it’s spreading like wildfire, made worse by the fact that our oversized bags usually come fully loaded.

[ 03 June 2013]

Prancercise noun a form of exercise which mimics the way that a horse moves

Inspired by a horse’s gait, Rohrback’s website describes Prancercise as ‘a springy, rhythmic way of moving forward’ that is about ‘liberating ourselves from the fitness chains’.

[ 06 June 2013]

Quidditching noun an Internet craze which entails jumping with a broomstick to look like Harry Potter competing in a game of the mythical sport Quidditch

‘Quidditching’ becomes new internet craze as Harry Potter fans around the world jump on their brooms

[ 15 April 13]

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