New words – 21 October 2013

Afropolitan noun a cosmopolitan African; an African who has a background which is varied in culture and geography

At what point does one realize that things will never be the same? First time novelist and Afropolitan Taiye Selasi tackles these themes in her new novel ‘Ghana Must Go’.

[ 15 April 2013]

caxirola noun a percussion instrument created for Brazil’s World Cup. It rattles when shaken.

Unlike the vuvuzela, which has historical and cultural significance in South Africa, the caxirola has been designed especially for use in stadiums.

[ 25 April 2013]

ghost money noun money transferred in secret by a covert government agency

For more than a decade, the CIA — using suitcases, backpacks, even plastic bags — has made monthly cash payments to the offices of President Hamid Karzai. One Karzai aide called it ‘ghost money’ because ‘it came in secret, and it left in secret.’

[New York Times (US broadsheet) 30 April 2013]

Ghost money from MI6 and CIA may fuel Afghan corruption, say diplomats

[ (article title) 30 April 2013]

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5 thoughts on “New words – 21 October 2013

  1. I wish someone would explain to me why the Brazilians need a special noisemaker. How, after all, have they cheered on their many world-class teams over the years? Do they really need something new with an unpronounceable name? Why do I think they could win in total silence, given their skill?

      1. Nelida K.

        LOL. And besides, it’s not unpronounceable, it should sound something like this: “cashirola” (more or less, casserole, or in Spanish – my native language – ‘cacerola’ = cooking pot). Down in these parts (Southern Cone, I mean) popular protests are sometimes done as “caceroleos” (that is, everybody banging at a pre-agreed time, usually in the evening when everybody is home from work, on pots and pans and therefore creating a lot of noise. This might have to do something to do with the concept behind the new device.

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