New words – 14 October 2013

Cronut noun a cross between a doughnut and a croissant, being ring-shaped like a doughnut, but composed of buttery, croissant-like dough

The Cronut – the US pastry sensation that must cross the Atlantic.
These blends between croissants and doughnuts are all the rage in New York, but have yet to make it to the UK. So can you replicate them in your own kitchen?

[ 05 June 2013]

ghost money noun money transferred in secret by a covert government agency

For more than a decade, the CIA — using suitcases, backpacks, even plastic bags — has made monthly cash payments to the offices of President Hamid Karzai. One Karzai aide called it ‘ghost money’ because ‘it came in secret, and it left in secret.’

[New York Times (US broadsheet) 30 April 2013]

Ghost money from MI6 and CIA may fuel Afghan corruption, say diplomats

[ (article title) 30 April 2013]

pension spiking noun the practice of adding value to a pension during the year before retirement with overtime hours, unused vacation days, and other unused employment benefits

‘Pension spiking goes against the spirit of what a pension plan is supposed to do. […]’ says Jean-Pierre Aubry of the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College.

[AARP Bulletin (over-50 news magazine) June 2013]

twerk verb to dance in a sexually suggestive way with the knees bent and the legs apart, often for humorous effect

Miley Cyrus cautioned viewers she wouldn’t be twerking on ‘Saturday Night Live’.

[ 06 Oct 2013]

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