New words – 30 September 2013

first world problems idiom humorous problems which are very trivial on a global scale, and which would only be perceived as problems by the very privileged

Have you ever heard someone complain about their ‘problems,’ only to think they were being completely ridiculous? Enter the archival Tumblr, White Whine, which culls together a sometimes hilarious, oft times ironic list of ‘first world problems.’

[ 01 April 2013]

Multicultural London English noun a dialect of English that is spoken in urban areas of the UK, especially London, and is influenced by the accents of several other languages

The new voice of young people is called MLE, which stands for Multicultural London English.

[ 02 May 2013]

peak child noun the point after which the number of children born the world over will decline

In addition, we have reached what Rosling describes as ‘peak child’, the result of decreased birth rates; a consequence of the positive effects of development.

[Essay by trainee nurse, mid 20s, 23 April 2013]

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