New words – 19 August 2013

pre-roll noun an advert that is shown before an online video

We saw a Church of The Highlands preroll that acted as a countdown.

[ 13 Feb 2013]

YouTube is testing out a new pre-roll ad setup across the site that looks a lot like the current Hulu offerings.

[ 26 Feb 2013]

second screen noun an additional screen, especially a tablet or smartphone, used while watching TV

This approach is often referred to as the ‘second screen,’ the idea being that the tablet or smartphone becomes a TV companion device […]

[ 11 March 2013]

the work-life merge noun the now blurred distinction between work and free time

Welcome to the world of the work-life merge, the term recently coined by Facebook executive Emily White to describe a life in which work and free-time are no longer neatly compartmentalized but seamlessly jumbled up together.

[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 01 Jan 2012]

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