New words – 5 August 2013

biodesign noun the use of living things such as bacteria or plants in designing products or as art

The biodesign movement builds on ideas in Jamine Benyus’ trailblazing 1997 book Biomimicry for inspiration.

[Smithsonian (US history, science, and culture magazine) March 2013]

Biodesign takes advantage of the ‘tremendous power and potential utility of organisms […]’, says William Myers, a New York City design historian.

[Smithsonian (US history, science, and culture magazine) March 2013]

consumer telematics noun systems that use a blend of telecommunications and informatics to provide services to people in vehicles

From wireless charging to consumer telematics, from new gaming platforms to a hi-tech smart bicycle, all the ideas pressed upon me by their eager supporters sounded impressive.

[ 07 Jan 2013]

wearable technology noun devices such as headsets intended to be worn about the person

CES 2013: Ready for the wearable tech revolution

[ (title) 09 Jan 2013]

Tech consultancy iSuppli suggests that by 2016 more than 92 million wearable technology devices will be sold a year

[ 13 Jan 2013]

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