New words – 1 July 2013

ghosting noun the theft of the identity of someone who has died

The good news here is that surviving family members are ultimately not responsible for charges (or for legitimate debts of the dead) But ghosting can still cause plenty of angst.

[AARP Bulletin (over-50’s magazine) March 2013]

litter vigilante noun a person who takes it upon themselves to pick up litter in public places

Unpaid army of litter vigilantes tackles Britain’s tide of rubbish

[ (title) 17 February 2013]

picker noun a person who takes it upon themselves to pick up litter in public places

Meanwhile, websites such as spring up to reveal the true numbers of ‘pickers’ out there alongside the increasingly popular community litter picks such as Keep Britain Tidy […]

[ 17 February 2013]

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4 thoughts on “New words – 1 July 2013

  1. This my not be new but it’s new to me…to be ‘system agnostic’ meaning to be able to carry out a particular function (i.e. save attachments) regardless of which system its done on??

    I love this site so many thanks to you for creating it!

    I do have a love hate relationship with new words though especially words like ‘disregardless’ or is that just bad english?

    1. Hi Jac, that use of ‘agnostic’ is new, and probably not covered by many contemporary dictionaries – we’ll add it to the list!

      As for ‘disregardless’ or ‘irregardless’, those are considered mistakes or malapropisms by most careful users of English – of course, the English language is full of such ‘mistakes’ that have gradually come to be regarded as standard usage. The question of when a mistake becomes accepted as the norm and recorded in dictionaries and the like is a whole new can of worms…!

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