New words – 20 May 2012

human enhancement noun the use of drugs to improve brain performance

Report raises ethical concerns about human enhancement technologies

[ 07 Nov 2012]

mobile health noun medical advice from doctors and other healthcare professionals provided digitally to cell phones or other devices

She ‘sees’ her patients almost entirely over email, from her Manhattan home base […] It’s all part of the growing effort to make healthcare more efficient by making it more digital. Some call this new industry ‘M-Health’ or mobile health, others call it Health IT.

[WNYC: New Tech City (technology news) 16 Oct 2012]

neurobionics noun artificial stimulation of the brain, for example to treat loss of neurological function or muscle paralysis

Today, at its leading edge, neurobionics is already significantly improving the quality of life in patients with conditions as wide-ranging as MS, winging of the scapula and brain injuries.

[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 27 Oct 2012]

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