New words – 4 March 2013

jel abbreviation informal jealous

Oh God, I’m jel!

[Heard in conversation (woman, 30s) 20 September 2012]

mob noun informal someone with a snobbish take on modern trends; a modern snob

Meet the ‘modern snobs’ (aka Mobs) – the sort of people who only watch TV dramas with subtitles.

[Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 20 August 2012]

selfie noun informal a photograph taken of yourself, often for the purposes of posting on a social-networking website

‘The Newsroom’ Reacts To Allison Pill’s Nude Selfie

[ 18 September 2012]

swag noun slang the quality of being accomplished, impressive, etc.

He’s got swag.

[Heard in conversation (teenage speaker) 30 Jul 2012]

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