New words – 25 February 2013

burn book noun a diary in which you write criticisms of other people

BURN BOOK Last seen in Mean Girls, now someone’s penned one in Suri’s name. Now that’s mean, girls.

[Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 17 September 2012]

judgie adjective informal judgemental or critical

Before you get all ‘judgie’ I need to add that I accomplished this feat on a manual typewriter. We didn’t get to use electric typewriters until high school!

[ 03 September 2012]

pass-agg verb informal to behave in a passive-aggressive manner towards someone

Sarah (Catherine Shepherd) pass-aggs Helen (Jo Page) into next week when the latter turns up late to collect Chloe from school.

[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 18 August 2012]

sock puppet noun an online alias, often used when posting unpleasant comments

These techniques (some, but not all, of which can be attributed to Leather; all of which can be attributed to various authors across the board) include:

1. Using sock puppet accounts to talk up one’s own book;
2. Giving positive reviews to one’s own book under a sock puppet account;

[ 26 August 2012]

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2 thoughts on “New words – 25 February 2013

  1. I’m afraid your definition of “sock puppet” misses the main use of these devices, though the example makes it clear. A writer uses sock puppets to make it appear that other contributors agree with him or admire her book or performance. It makes one person look like a small army.

  2. Edyce Mitchell

    The rephrased meaning of sock puppet should be categorized with silly humor, a child’s game or a way to bring out the young at heart.

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