New words – 28 January 2013

gender pollution noun the phenomenon whereby women entering a career renders that career less desirable for men

‘Men don’t go for those jobs as much, especially after women take those jobs.’ ‘Yes, yes, that’s called gender pollution.’

[The Colbert Report (US current affairs satire) 08 August 2012]

groomzilla noun informal, humorous a man who is neurotically obsessed with planning his wedding

Brad Pitt has turned into a groomzilla and can’t wait to marry Angelina Jolie.

[ 05 August 2012]

ladvert noun informal an advert featuring and designed to appeal to a ‘lad’

LADVERTS Thanks to sport, adverts for ‘lads’ are everywhere.

[Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 20 August 2012]

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  1. I wish you had made it clear that Colbert intended “gender pollution” as a satirical comment. His entire program is a parody of the pompous right-wing commentary often encountered on US television.

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