New words – 24 December 2012

mini-job noun a part-time job which attracts tax concessions

This week the Treasury has floated the idea of copying Germany’s ‘mini-jobs’ initiative.

[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 22 Aug 2012]

MOOC abbreviation a massive open online course; an online course that anyone can do and that is geared towards large numbers of students

Given the hype of national media coverage of massive open online courses (MOOCs), it is refreshing to see more recent analysis looking at important attributes such as revenue models, dropout rates, and instructional design.

[ 24 July 2012]

pentrepreneur noun an entrepreneur of pensionable age

BBCDragonsDen pentrepreneur is as excruciating as ‘mumpreneur’.

[ 16 Sept 2012]

zero-hours adjective refers to a contract of employment under which an employee has no guarantee of work but must be available for work as required and is only paid for hours worked

Zero-hours contracts allow you to have people on-call to work whenever necessary and mutually convenient.

[ 14 Sept 2012]

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  1. Harry

    “Zero Hour” already has an established meaning. Used mostly in military circles, it refers to the time when a particular mission is to start, or when some critical event is expected to take place.

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