New words – 3 December 2012

bantz noun slang banter; witty chat

Harry – party-loving prince, lord of the bantz, royal lad on tour – was captured on camera-phone last weekend, bear-hugging a bikini-less babe in a Las Vegas hotel […]

[The Independent (UK broadsheet) 23 Aug 2012]

pay-neutral adjective describes work that only covers expenses once childcare costs, travel, etc. has been deducted

Charities warned of the rise of the ‘pay-neutral’ job; where you only earn enough to cover childcare, so you’re effectively working for nothing.

[Grazia (UK fashion magazine) 1 Sept 2012]

Soaring childcare costs, stagnant salaries and government cuts to tax credits and benefits, have led to an increasing number of people being thrown into so-called ‘pay-neutral’ work.

[ 01 Sept 2012]

spankbuster noun informal a popular novel featuring scenes of sado-masochism

Sales of 5.3m in print and ebook drive EL James’s ‘spankbuster’ past the Highway Code and Dan Brown

[ 07 Aug 2012]

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