New words – 26 November 2012

adorkability noun informal a look which combines chic and geeky quirkiness in equal measure

In just one short TV season, New Girl’s Zooey Deschanel has gone from a ukulele-strumming indie princess — of rock and film — to an omnipresent poster child for a new yet immediately overused word: adorkability.

[ 25 April 2012]

lean back experience noun the relaxed experience of watching e.g. a TV show, as opposed to using a computer

A company spokesman said that internet on television needed to be more of a ‘lean back experience’ than it is on a computer.

[ 25 June 2012]

omnishambles noun informal a show of utter incompetence

Aircraft carrier ‘omnishambles’ wastes £100 million.
The Ministry of Defence has spent £100 million preparing to use fighter jets that have now been abandoned, ministers have admitted.

[ 10 May 2012]

re-mode verb to use another method, e.g. of travel

Ms Greening declared: ‘Across the whole department, we’re trying to re-route, re-mode, re-time and just generally reduce our travel.’
‘So I’m re-moding at the moment and having a good old walk up to Cabinet. It does me a lot of good.’

[ 16 May 2012]

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