New words – 5 November 2012

biomining noun a method of extracting minerals from ores in which micro-organisms are used to draw out the minerals. It is thought to be less harmful to the environment than other forms of mining.

In Chile, they’re using biomining.

[BBC Radio 4 14 June 2012]

extreme energy noun the extraction of energy from the Earth’s core, using such techniques as shale-gas fracking and tar-sands extraction

Extreme Energy (sometimes written Xtreme Energy) is a term used to describe a group of energy extraction methods that have emerged in recent years as the availability of fossil fuel resources has become more constrained.

[ 3 April 2012]

microhydro noun the small-scale use of flowing river water to produce up to 100 KW of power

Microhydro pioneers all say the same: battling against bureaucracy is the hardest part.

[The Observer (UK broadsheet) 3 June 2011]

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