New words – 13 August 2012

click bait verb to put something on a website that will attract users to click on a link

Rational members use logic and fact to make their decision, not jump to conclusion because of a sensationalist article that was meant to click-bait users for money.

[ 17 Feb 2012]

daggering noun a raunchy style of dance for a couple in which the man makes thrusting moves towards the woman’s groin or bottom

Fans of the genre and attendees of Notting Hill carnival will have known of daggering for years, but it garnered the attention of the children’s commissioner’s office during Channel 4 News’s investigation into teenage girls in gangs.

[ 30 March 2012]

Grexit noun the (as yet hypothetical) Greek exit from the Eurozone

Citigroup has said the chances of Grexit – or a Greek exit from the eurozone – is now 50 percent.

[ 7 Feb 2012]

humblebrag noun the practice of saying something apparently modest which is really intended as a boast, or an example of this

Yes, this tweet is a humblebrag.

[ 13 Jan 2012]

It all adds up to his own milder version of what Newt Gingrich correctly identified in Mitt Romney as ‘pious baloney’: yes, Huntsman has perfected the art of campaign humblebrag.

[ 9 Jan 2012]

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