New words – 16 July 2012

Bame abbreviation black, asian and minority ethnic group

‘If you leave university and you are ‘Bame’, you are still more likely to be unemployed a year on,’ said Kerr.

[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 16 March 2012]

biphobia noun extreme dislike of and prejudice against bisexual people

Dr Gerada is a GP in Vauxhall, which has the largest gay community in London outside of Soho. She warned that homophobia and biphobia persist.

[GP (UK trade magazine) 29 Feb 2012]

dox verb to release harmful information about a person or company, as a form of online protest

2 other people ‘doxed’ him before us. One of them was some whitehat group, and if you read their dox the only thing they got right was the name.

[ 15 March 2012]

PDA abbreviation public display of affection

We simply can’t get enough of this delightful couple, and here they are rewarding our adoration with a full-blown PDA.

[Grazia (UK fashion magazine) 23 Jan 2012]

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