New words – 9 July 2012

dark store noun a supermarket which stocks goods used exclusively for home delivery

David Gray, retail analyst at Planet Retail, predicts more ‘dark stores’ – supermarkets where the public are banned as staff fill trolleys for thousands of online orders.

[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 13 Jan 2012]

lad! exclamation very informal used to comment on someone who does something that shows stereotypical characteristics of young men


[Heard in teenage conversation 1 March 2012]

manlashes plural noun false eyelashes for men

Manlashes, Manscara and Mantyhose

[ (article title) 10 March 2012]

minigarch noun a child of an oligarch

Welcome to the opulent, excessive and privileged life of one of Russia’s most famous minigarchs.

[Grazia (UK fashion magazine) 5 March 2012]

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  1. I’ve knocked at the word “minigarch” on one of russian websites. The meaning was “an oligarch whose fortune is around 50 Million dollars”.

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