New words – 23 April 2012

diamond fibre noun cashmere

The traditional sobriquet for their coat, by the way, is ‘fibre of the gods’ which makes cashmere’s ‘diamond fibre’ sound almost prosaic.
[The Observer (UK broadsheet) 6 Nov 2011]

geo-fence noun the limits of an area around a GPS-enabled device that the user sets for a particular purpose, for example to trigger an errand reminder from a smartphone when leaving home

The shoe works by allowing caregivers or family members to set a perimeter, called a geo-fence, that allows wearers to move freely around a specific area. When they stray […] a message pops up on a computer or phone to alert caregivers.
[AARP Bulletin (US over-50s newspaper) Dec. 2011]

It’s now set up a geo-fence around work […] and when I leave Apple it’ll put up an alert reminding me to call my wife.
[ 4 Oct 2011]

K leather noun leather made from kangaroos

Elite athletes had been passionate about the lightweight, buttery fit and the bounce of what sports brands call K leather.
[The Observer (UK broadsheet) 9 Oct 2011]

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