New words – 26 March 2012

alcolock noun a device which, when fitted to a car, causes the engine to lock if the driver has drunk too much alcohol

Dutch drivers caught operating a car while significantly over the alcohol limit will be forced to fit their cars with ‘alcolocks’ which automatically lock the engine if the driver is over the limit.
[I (concise version of UK broadsheet The Independent) 8 Oct 2011]

civets noun Columbia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa seen as key markets for economic growth

After the dynamic growth of the BRIC countries in the last decade, a batch of six more countries — the CIVETS — will be the ones to watch in the next 10 years.
[ 27 Apr 2010]

frankenshoes plural noun ostentatiously ugly shoes

Frankenshoes: Flatforms have gone too far now
[ 3 Oct 2011]

reverse ferret noun humorous a dramatic change in opinion or policy

The Rt Rev Richard John Carew Chartres exuded an aura of benign ecclesiastical calm having performed the most dramatic reverse ferret in modern church history.
[ 2 Nov 2011]

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