New words – 19 March 2012

chip music noun a type of music using the sound chips of game systems as instruments

This kind of blend of straightforward rock with the chip music – is that unusual on the chiptune scene?
[WNYC: Soundcheck (new music radio broadcast) 10 Nov 2011]

chiptune noun another name for chip music

It’s called chip music. It’s also been called chiptune.
[WNYC: Soundcheck (new music) 10 Nov 2011]

Haeyoung Kim, who performs under the name Bubblyfish, makes chiptune music using a pair of Gameboys.
[WNYC: Soundcheck (new music radio broadcast) 20 Oct 2011]

J-pop noun pop music from Japan

Japanese teens and twentysomethings who once had ears only for J-pop are now transfixed by K-pop, a phenomenon from South Korea that is taking the world’s second biggest music market by storm.
[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 1 Oct 2011]

K-pop noun pop music from Korea

K-Pop’s increasing popularity in the U.S. is putting more scrutiny on its acts.
[ 2 March 2012]

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  1. to tact means to label. I read this usage in some research about children with ASD who were learning to name an emotion that correlated to an interaction between characters in a sample video. It took quite a few tries on the internet to find the meaning!

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