New words – 12 March 2012

buzz score noun a measure of how positively a product is perceived by potential consumers

The iPhone’s reputation fell at the time of Samsung’s first advert in late November. At the same time, according to YouGov’s ‘buzz score’, there was an upward trend in Samsung’s popularity.
[ 16 Dec 2011]

Although Toyota’s campaign for the 2012 Camry is just taking off, the car maker’s Buzz score — a measure of consumer perception — is already nearing its year-to-date high mark among prospective new-car buyers.
[ 20 Oct 2011]

crap technology noun informal devices that work as intended and are inexpensive but have limited features and are not stylish or fashionable

Crap technology is basically stuff that doesn’t have cachet, you know? It’s not slick, it’s not cool, but it works. Crappy technology, on the other hand, is stuff that simply doesn’t work.
[WNYC: Marketplace (NPR, financial news) 1 Dec 2011]

dwell time noun technical the time spent on a website

We obviously like to see tons of game plays and long dwell times, but we also like critical acclaim […]
[The Observer (UK broadsheet) 2 Oct 2011]

FBUI abbreviation humorous Facebooking under the influence; posting on Facebook when drunk

No FBUI – Facebooking under the influence; Avoid ‘Twisticuffs’ (online arguments); Be clever on social media vs. being controversial.
[ 14 Nov 2011]

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