New words – 6 February 2012

bocking noun an activity that consists of jumping and doing acrobatic moves while wearing a pair of spring-loaded stilts

They are showing off their moves in the art of ‘bocking’, a sport that involves strapping yourself into a pair of spring-loaded stilts and taking to the air.
[ 01 Aug 2011]

cleantech adjective involving clean technology

Cleantech jobs outpace economy
[ (San Francisco Business Times website) 15 July 2011]

silent soccer noun football in which the spectators are forbidden from shouting or cheering

Pushy parents sidelined by Mississauga club’s silent soccer matches
[ 12 Aug 2011]

urban climbing noun the activity of climbing buildings

Combining engineering, architecture and history, Scaling Britain uses urban climbing techniques to reveal the history of architecture and engineering in Britain – both inside and out of the building.
[ 17 July 2011]

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