New words – 19 December 2011

built-to-flip adjective denotes a business that was set up with the intention of being bought out by a bigger business, or ‘flipped’

I am not arguing that built-to-flip and lean startups are inferior. In fact, the goal of these companies is to create a promising product to sell […]
[ 01.04.11]

off the slide deck idiom as the result of a presentation of an idea rather than having a realised product

Companies start getting funded off the slide deck.
[BBC Radio 4 07.06.11]

Shopjacket noun a fake front to a shop that is designed to give the impression that a vacant unit is a functioning shop

Each Shopjacket incorporates a discrete viewing portal to allow potential clients to view the empty shop interior.
[ 03.04.11]

frothy adjective describes a market that seems to be about to take off, but is not yet in the ‘bubble’ stage

Smart people who have been there before start calling it a Bubble (or at least a ‘Frothy Market’).
[ 19.04.11]

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  1. Luc SAGNET

    Personally, i understand “frothy” as describing a market that is about to overheat (rather than about to take off), i.e. not quite in a bubble phase, but starting to show signs that a bubble will soon take shape. Once the bubble is formed, smart people get out of it, because nobody knows how big the bubble can get before blowing up. When the market is just frothy, smart people start being cautious, watching carefully overheating indicators and planning their exit.

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