New words – 12 December 2011

beach burka noun an outfit or garment for women to swim in which conceals all or most of the body

Just compare her to the awkwardness of Nigella’s ‘beach burka’ outing.
[Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 13.06.11]

modest dressing noun fashionable clothes that reveal little flesh

Professor Reina Lewis and her colleagues at the London College of Fashion have been researching Modest Dressing […]
[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 17.06.11]

mankle noun the male ankle, especially as revealed by currently fashionable short trousers

Fashion Herberts this month are talking of little else. Men’s trousers are being shortened and chino legs are being rolled upwards to increase the likelihood — phwoarr! — of a flash of mankle.
[ 20.06.11]

hi-driff noun the upper stomach when deliberately exposed by clothes

Baring all in a crop top is wayyy [sic] too scary for most of us, so we’re loving the new hi-driff trend – flashing that little bit of flesh just above the waist.
[Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 20.06.11]

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4 thoughts on “New words – 12 December 2011

  1. sobreira

    For the first beach burqa we have been using in Galician “burqini” or “burkini”, which comes from an Australian Trade Mark. It seems lately that Grazia magazine has a lot of productivity.

  2. “…we do not currently have the resources available to add any extra words to our online database.”

    Are you outsourced to Australia?

    Are you related to Bernie Madeoff?

    Why isn’t ‘Illini’ listed as a native of Illinois?

    Spit in our face and call it rain!

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