New words – 5 December 2011

live-tweet verb to send a tweet about something as it is happening

Sohaib Athar, an IT consultant living in Abbottabad, live-tweeted the fatal raid on Osama bin Laden by accident.
[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 03.05.11]

Facebooking noun the activity of using the social networking website Facebook

So the more obstreperous aspects of Facebooking are neither here nor there.
[The Observer (UK broadsheet) 29.05.11]

discoverable adjective (of websites and other media), able to be explored or discovered

We’re flipping traditional TV on its head and letting the kids decide what’s popular by voting things up and making them more discoverable.
[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 02.04.11]

4G adjective describes the fourth generation of wireless technology, for instance for broadband connections

The trial will act as an experiment to see if 4G LTE could provide a cheap solution to getting high-speed internet to places currently regarded as black spots with slow or no broadband connection.
[ 25.05.11]

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6 thoughts on “New words – 5 December 2011

  1. actually i was thinking of this word:
    perhaps this can be another new word?
    meaning of the word
    the word’s from
    this is timon and pumbaa’s moto!

    1. sobreira
      Not of all humankind, not in all languages are so (or less) direct and easy to do it. As far as I know, for some agglutinative languages its far more easier, and thus the difference between noun and verb is not so clear.
      in Neolatin (fusional) languages is mostly performed using [some] suffixes and/or prefixes, as verbs must have regular endings. It could be called “derivación verbal”.
      * “nome”, meaning ‘noun’ > “nomear”, meaning ‘to put a name to’).
      * “claro”, meaning ‘clear’ or ‘light [colour]’ > “aclarar”, meaning ‘show something clearer’ or ‘lighten’
      I personally have a crush in this last kind of English deadjectival derivation: deepen, fatten, harden, lengthen, ?slighthen, shorthen, soften, strengthen, widen. Do you know more please?

  2. Harry

    In addition to “live-tweet” you should include “live-blog,” both referring to ways in which viewers of a current event (often on television) can exchange comments as the event unfolds. The producers of “reality” shows and award programs often organize a formal process for exchanging comments. It is also common for news broadcasters to invite viewers/listeners to offer real-time comments on political debates, speeches, and other public events.

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