New words – 21 November 2011

batty riders plural noun informal very short shorts, which allow the bottoms of the buttocks to be seen

Forget batty riders and body-con dresses: leggings are THE single most unforgiving item in the pantheon.
[Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 16.05.11]

cheapskating noun an approach to dressing in which someone dresses mainly in cheap, high-street clothes with the odd luxe item thrown in

They are the elements of ‘cheapskating’ a style phenomenon and peculiar trend.
[The Observer Magazine (UK broadsheet) 08.05.11]

girlfriend shorts plural noun denim shorts made to resemble cut-off jeans, with the pockets protruding from below the hem

If you have the stomach (and the thighs) for it, then ‘girlfriend shorts’ are the new hotpants.
[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 20.04.11]

trashion noun fashion items made from recycled materials

Students design and make a newspaper dress for a trashion show.
[ 24.06.11]

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