New words – 10 October 2001

bokashi noun a composter that uses a particular mixture of micro-organisms which speed up the breakdown of household waste while minimizing odours

If you don’t have a garden, a wormery or a bokashi makes a good alternative to a compost heap.
[Easy Living (UK lifestyle magazine) May 2011]

Nuala says: One of the best things about having a bokashi bin in the kitchen is how easy it is just to scrape in whatever’s left on your plate after a meal – bacon rind, broccoli stumps, that last defeating forkful of spag bol – it all goes in.
[ 11.06.11]

EV abbreviation an electric vehicle

The take-up of EVs – which run entirely on electricity stored in rechargeable batteries – is seen as central to the plan to cut the transport sector’s carbon emissions.
[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 25.06.11]

greentailing noun environmentally-friendly retailing

Consumer decision making is highly influenced by the new trend of greentailing, as greener products are offered to them and greener business processes are adopted by retailers throughout the entire supply chain.
[ 24.06.11]

zero waster noun someone who generates no waste whatsoever

Zero wasters tend to be practitioners of precycling (screening out waste at the acquisition or shopping stage).
[The Observer (UK broadsheet) 05.06.11]

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3 thoughts on “New words – 10 October 2001

  1. Harry

    I don’t see the need for “EV.” It’s easily confused with other abbreviations (ET, TV, etc.) and not much easier to say than “electric car” or “plug-in car.” The manufacturers are also working to introduce band names (“Prius,” “Leaf.” “Volt”), any one of which may become the “Kleenex” or “Aspirin” of electric cars.

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