New words – 12 September 2011

lawnmower parent noun an overprotective parent who tries to smooth the way for their child, dealing with problems themselves rather than allowing the child to do so

Mother of three Sofia Basile understands how parents could fall into the lawnmower parent trap.

[ 14 Apr 2011]

pregmancy noun a hysterical or phantom pregnancy as experienced by the male partner of a pregnant woman

A quarter of fathers-to-be go through their own ‘pregmancy’ – suffering symptoms such as food cravings and morning sickness.

[ 30 May 2011]

SAHM abbreviation stay at home mother

It’s about working mothers, about the ways they’re compromised […] the tensions and thinly veiled bitchiness that exists between them, their SAHM (stay at home mother) equivalents […]

[Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 13 June 2011]

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3 thoughts on “New words – 12 September 2011

  1. Fara

    Thank you so very much.A suggestion if possible :
    Program your site in away that we can share this through their names I mean when we write their names the system can show their e-mail to share.

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