New words – 5 September 2011

mobile couponing noun a method of using mobile phones to get discounts on goods

Mobile couponing, where people can swipe their handsets in order to get discounts on goods, could kickstart NFC technology, he thinks.
[ 19 May 2011]

wave and pay adjective describes a reader that allows you to pay for goods by waving a mobile phone in front of it

Orange is the first company out of the blocks. Its Quick Tip system will let you buy goods up to £15 at ‘wave and pay’ contactless readers already installed in 50,000 UK stores.
[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 28 May 2011]

Bitcoin noun a virtual currency, used on the Internet

The virtual currency Bitcoin will ‘bounce back’ after a hack attack caused its value to collapse, according to one of its senior developers.
[ 22 June 2011]

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