New words – 15 August 2011

flesh tunnel noun a hollow, round ear decoration that fits inside the edge of a large hole in the lobe

Our range of stretching tools can be used to stretch up any piercing to enable Flesh Tunnels & Ear Plugs to be worn.
[ 16 March 2011]

micropigmentation noun permament make-up using tattooing techniques

After losing all her body hair after developing alopecia following a car crash in 1994, she turned to micropigmentation to restore her eyebrows.
[The Sunday Telegraph (UK broadsheet) 9 January 2011]

tatt noun informal a tattoo

‘The demand for tatts has grown massively,’ says Saira.
[Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 17 March 2011]

tramp stamp noun informal a derogatory term for a tattoo on a woman’s lower back

When Cheryl Cole debuted a butterfly on her lower back earlier this month, blogs and commentators were outraged that it ‘cheapened’ her Versace dress, and the words ‘tramp stamp’ were uttered.
[Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 17 March 2011]

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3 thoughts on “New words – 15 August 2011

    1. Harry


      As a man of 66, I am amazed at how social attitudes toward tattoos have changed within the last 10-15 years. Especially among young people in urban centers in Europe and North America, tattoos have become a status symbol. Among people of my generation, they were anything but. A professional sailor might wear them as proof of a colorful life, but for a woman, even a discreet butterfly on her shoulder could be interpreted as a sign of loose morals.

      To be sure, modern tattoo methods have almost eliminated the health risks once associated with the practice, and laser surgery can erase tattoos (albeit at considerable cost in money, time, and pain). But I still wonder if that eagle on a guy’s chest will draw unwanted attention at his future father-in-law’s beach club.

  1. Jamal

    “Tramp stamp”, also used on How I Met Your Mother when they were taunting Ted about his tattoo, which was the same as described in the definition, so I’m guessing this one is getting pretty popular. The episode aired in 2007, by the way.

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