New words – 25 July 2011

badge verb to put a badge on your personal profile on a social networking website in order to show your support for a cause

On Facebook and Twitter, people ‘badge’ themselves as supportive of particular causes with seemingly greater ease than offline.
[The Observer (UK broadsheet) 6 February 2011]

reface verb to change the design of your Facebook page

The latest Facebook trend is to ‘reface’ either your personal page or fan page photo strip.
[ 2 March 2011]

speak-to-tweet adjective describes a system whereby users can leave a message at an international phone number, that is then sent out as a tweet

The so-called speak-to-tweet system allows people caught up in the unrest to post messages without any need to use an internet connection.
[ 1February 2011]

bloggable adjective worthy of being written about in a blog

[…] now even tiny events are blown into bloggable postings, with video footage attached.
[Grazia (UK women’s celebrity magazine) 21 March 2011]

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